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Fire On A Wire... Journaling Summer Camp

Fire On A Wire... Journaling Summer Camp

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FIRE ON A WIRE… Discovering your spark
Adult Summer Camp Starting 5/31/23
Join us for, Fire On A Wire, a guided journaling virtual summer camp for intentional adults. Our kids shouldn’t be the only ones having fun this summer!
This 10 week virtual program includes a community of growth-minded individuals who are ready to step into a summer of joy and purpose. We are ready to play and have some fun all while connecting deeper with ourselves and each other.
Through weekly live guided journaling sessions Crystalyn will help you discover what lights you up in this season and how you can incorporate more sparks and growth in your daily life.
We will journal together on Zoom each week and discuss potential road blocks, mindset shifts, and strategies to incorporate more of the spark (the fun stuff)!!
The best part of this summer camp is the people! We will form connections that will be life long and you’ll be a part of a community who is rooting for you!

Discover your spark so you can let it shine!

I cannot wait to see you on our first call here are the details:

10 weeks Starting Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Crystalyn will host two calls in week 1 in case you can’t make one of the call times for the kick off day. And all calls are recorded so you can catch up on any one you have to miss.
WEEK 1: 5/31 11am CST + 6pm CST (only attend one)
WEEK 2: 6/7 6pm CST
WEEK 3: 6/14 11am CST
WEEK 4: 6/21 6pm CST 
WEEK 5: 6/28 11am CST
WEEK 6: 7/5 6pm CST
WEEK 7: 7/12 11am CST
WEEK 8: 7/19 6pm CST
WEEK 9: 7/26 11am CST
WEEK 10: 8/2 6pm CST

This series will have you asking yourself the right questions to gain clarity and insight on parts of your life that may currently feel overwhelming. 
This series will have you feeling excited about your life.
This series will having you living from a place of gratitude, intention and aligned action.
And ultimately this series will teach you that you have the answers inside. You will learn to trust yourself. You will learn to listen to your intuition and your body.
You will discover that you have a fire inside and all these little sparks are a result of that fire... You are the fire!!!

We will also have a standing non-guided Sunday Spark Community call. This is an un-hosted voluntary call that is time for you to come in and have virtual coffee with each other. Crystalyn may not always be on these calls but wanted to offer a space for those who want to connect outside of the structure of our guided journaling call.
Every Sunday at 9am CST