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5 Lessons of 2020 in Jewelry

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Oh 2020, you’ve been a doozy!

With every hard season it’s the lessons I tend to learn on the backside that ease the aches and 2020 is no different.

I don’t have to list all of the hard things that have happened in 2020 because I know you are well aware. I’m sure you’ve had your own fair share of difficulties this year too.

I’ve sat here many nights in my yoga pants clinging to the pendants on my chain while my mind was processing all of the news reports. Asking the same questions I remember asking when my late husband was battling cancer... “What am I supposed to learn from this?” “How can this season help me get through the next?”

This is what I’ve found...


1. Have Gratitude


The lesson - Have “gratitude” for time and people. Although we aren’t seeing our families as often as we did before, the time we are spending with them is so much richer... for that I’m grateful. This pendant is an everyday reminder of my gratitude.

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2. Be Open

The lesson - Be “Open” to listening to other people’s voices who may have different opinions, ideas, experiences or views than I do. People want to be heard especially this year with the racial injustices that our country has seen and the political climate. The only way to learn is to listen. This “Open” pendant reminds me to stay open to listening and learning even when it’s uncomfortable.

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3. YOU are Strong


The lesson- Remember my “strength” and resilience. It’s easy to feel like something is so hard that I’ll never get through it but the truth is I’ve been through harder seasons and I survived. And if this is the hardest season for you yet... just know that you have the tools inside to be stronger than you’ve ever had to be. My “strength” necklace is an everyday reminder of my strength.

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4. Support and Lean on Your Sisters


The lesson - Remember to make it a daily practice to support my sisters. We are in this tribe together! The amount of zoom calls, Voxing, text messaging, phone calls, DM’s and Clubhouse conversations... of women supporting women has been my saving Grace (You know who you are ❤️🐘)!!!! It’s now part of my daily practice to check in, lift up, shout out, buy from, or cheer on other women. My “sisterhood” pendant is my daily reminder of her... my Sis.

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5. LOVE is all You Need


The lesson - Remember to lead with my heart. This year has been one of division but it’s also been one of community and coming together to support each other in amazing ways. This pendant reminds me that when you come from a place of love even when it’s hard, scary or uncomfortable you will always be on the right side of things.

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My hope is that these lessons last a lifetime for each of us. Sometimes it's easy to put the past behind us and forget about the lessons.

Each peice from my collection is just that, it's a daily reminder to be the person you desire to be. Each time you clasp your necklace on in the morning you start with intention and with that you are unstoppable. 

Cheers to a New Year and a New YOU! 

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