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Crystalyn's Story

My name is Crystalyn Aucoin. I’m the mom of an incredible 5-year-old football-loving boy named Winston. I’m also a jewelry designer from New Orleans. I’ve been in the jewelry industry since 2006 and I started my own jewelry brand in 2018.

I didn’t always know I would have my own jewelry line. To be honest, years ago I would have told you that I would be a stay at home mom of two by now. However, a major life-altering event changed the course of my life and my outlook on everything.
In 2016, I lost my 38-year-old husband Ryan to cancer after a hard-fought two-year battle. His life, his encouraging words, and his death ultimately opened my eyes to unapologetically living my purpose. That pursuit and a ton of help and encouragement from friends and family have gotten me to this point.
The mission behind Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry is to inspire women like you to overcome hardships and live a purposeful life. For my jewelry to mark milestones and to celebrate life’s most meaningful events. For women to wear their favorite piece with confidence and pride in knowing that my mission aligns with theirs in doing good in the world. Most importantly, this jewelry line allows me to continue to honor my late husband Ryan by donating a percentage of sales to cancer-related non-profits that are helping families who are experiencing the burden of cancer. (click here to read more about our efforts)

While all of those things seem like a tall order... it’s what’s really motivates me. If I can do all of these things, even in a small way, I can truly say that I am living a purpose-filled life. In my heart, I believe it’s all because of Ryan and for that, I am forever grateful.

Your interest and support in my journey and mission is much appreciated. 

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