Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry is designed with love in New Orleans, Louisiana and made in the USA. The chains she has selected are of the finest quality and are made around the world but mostly in Italy.


What metal do you use?

Our jewelry is made of 14 karat Gold and Sterling Sliver. The Sterling Silver earrings have 14k yellow gold posts and backs for sturdiness and are hypoallergenic.


Are your designs offered in white gold or rose gold?

Most pieces are available for special order in the metal of your choice however, these pieces would be non-refundable. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.


Does your jewelry contain Nickel?

Our pieces are Nickel-free with the exception of our 14K White Gold


How should I care for my Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry?

We suggest softly wiping your jewelry down with a clean cotton cloth. Our Sterling Silver collection should not be polished with anything abrasive due to the nature of the high polish finish. If you develop scratches in your pieces we suggest bringing them to a trusted local jeweler and to have them professionally polished. 


I lost an earring. Can I buy just one?

Of Course! We are happy to help you order a single earring to replace a lost earring. Depending on the design we may ask you to ship the remaining earring in (at your expense) to have it matched.


What is your return and exchange policy?

Please click here to learn more.


What is the best way to determine my finger size?

It is important to be accurate when ordering a ring in your size. We suggest going to a local jewelry store and having an associate size your fingers. Make a note of all of the sizes for the fingers you may want to wear a ring on. Make sure to note the sizes for each hand, as your dominant hand is typically bigger than your non-dominant hand.  There are also several online resources for determining your size but vary in accuracy. One tip when using online charts is to make sure your printer is set to print actual size and not to scale. Also, Amazon.com sells ring sizers.


What is the turn around time for pieces that are out of stock?

If a piece is sold out or on back order the turn around time is 3-6 weeks for delivery unless otherwise specified on the product page.


What is Pre-Order?

Pre-Order is when you can place an order for a design that has not been released. It assures that you will be one of the first people to get the design. The product release date will be listed on the product page.


Does Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry participate in any philanthropic efforts?

Yes. Helping people who are experiencing the burden of cancer is Crystalyn’s personal mission as well as part of the DNA of her jewelry brand. Currently, Crystalyn has pledged a percentage of gross sales to two local cancer related non-profit organizations in her home town of New Orleans. These two non-profits are Karen T. Stall Research and Breast Institute and New Orleans Lymphomaniacs. To learn more about why Crystalyn is so passionate about this mission click here.