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"The MINE" Membership Community

Welcome to "The MINE"

If you've been craving community and connection during this pandemic this is the group for you! We are a close knit virtual community of women digging deep on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
Together, we will do the work to uncover gems of ourselves that lie beneath the surface of the roles we play and the responsibilities we have. 
Every month, Crystalyn chooses a theme to guide us through a self discovery journey and shares her experience in self discovery after becoming a widow and single mom at 32. We have a beginning of the month "retreat-like" workshop on zoom to set our intentions. Then we end the month with a zoom call wrapping up the lessons we've learned and clarity we've gained.
Throughout the month we are supported in a private facebook group where we collaborate, share stories and connect. This is a group where you are seen and heard. We encourage you to speak up. In fact, we need your voice! We also feature one special guest speaker that will come into our community to share their experience and expertise around the theme of the month. 
February is all about Connections!
We will dig into relationships past and present, roles we've played, and who we intend to show up as in order to foster meaningful connections. And lastly, we will dig into the most important relationship of all... the relationships we have with ourselves. 
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The Schedule:

1st Wednesday of the month
theme is introduced in our THEME WORKSHOP 

Wednesday 11am CST and 5:30pm CST (for those who can't attend the 11am)

Every Wednesday voluntary Zoom SOCIAL MEET-UP
work through the topic as a group and add another layer of discussion

Wednesday 11am CST

Last Wednesday of the month
We wrap up our takeaways from the month and celebrate our wins!

Wednesday 11am CST and 5:30pm CST (for those who can't attend the 11am)


We will also have a guest speaker each month. Dates and times TBD.

A facebook group for networking, motivation and connection during the month.


This community will empower you to:

 - live intentionally by uncovering what you value in this season and hold you accountable to the intentions you set
- unapologetically carve out space and time to dream again
- gain clarity despite the busyness of life
- believe in yourself
- take chances on yourself
- breath and connect to your spirit and your faith
- uncover yourself by removing shame, guilt, fear, and self doubt
- take action in the areas of your life that have been neglected
- get intentional about your "word of the year"
-take steps in the right direction ending up further along then you ever thought was possible!!
Ultimately, this work will allow you to create a life that not only lights you up but illuminates the world around you.
That's what happens when you truly discover yourself and believe in your light.
You are GOLD baby, SOLID GOLD!!!
And it's your time to Shine! Let's Dig in!!! Join me!
Monthly Membership
Yearly Membership

This group is for You if:

- You have been craving community and connection during this Pandemic
- You feel like you want to take a leap in life but are struggling with imposter-syndrome or feel like you don't deserve to dream big
(Oh, we got you!! I promise you will confidently make moves after being in our community!)
- You have exciting ideas and dreams but you're scared to share them with your friends or family or you feel like they just don't "get you."
(Wow, do we feel you on this one!!!)
 - You're a career-minded woman who needs mentorship and accountability. (YAS!!! This is certainly your crew!!)
- You're feeling lost. You feel like you don't know what you want in life but have been craving more or wanting change.
(Let's help you get clear on this and create a vision and action plan!!)


What this is not:

- This is not a community that will overwhelm you with content, 50-page pdfs, and tasks to complete in order to feel like you are "keeping up" (Hell to the NO! This is going to be simple and enjoyable!)

- This is not a community of complainers looking for people to validate why their life is not going as well as they think it should (We are women who own where we are and are looking to take the right steps to design a life we love but need guidance, encouragement, and motivation along the way. And possibly a swift, yet gentle, kick in the ass when we get stuck!)

- This is not another crowded noisy group filled with self promotion and spammy content. (We do however, encourage sharing what you do and we definitely encourage authentic collaboration in heartfelt support.)

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    - Access to a members-only exclusive design launching in April to celebrate the inner work we are doing in our community.
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    **Payments are recurring until canceled.
    Yearly: Cancel anytime to stop recurring payment. Must cancel within 30 days of the start of membership for a full refund minus $47. 

    Two Options:
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    journaling with coffee
    Looking Forward to digging deep with you!! See you in "the MINE"