How you can help Our Annual Butterfly Release to benefit Cancer Patients.

How you can help Our Annual Butterfly Release to benefit Cancer Patients.

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It’s been 4 years since my husband Ryan passed away from cancer.

6/11/2020 UPDATE: 15 families were nominated and we Raised $12,000!!! THANK YOU!!! (Donations are closed for this year. We will do it again next year.)


There is not a day that goes by that Winston and I don’t talk about “Daddy.”

Winston’s first hand memories of Ryan may have faded but his spirit and legacy live on and we are still always surrounded by butterflies... If you haven’t heard our butterfly stories I’ll be sharing them soon!

This month, instead of focusing on Ryan’s death, We choose to celebrate his life. This will be the fourth year where we will end the month celebrating Ryan’s birthday with a beautiful butterfly release.

If you’ve participated before thank you. We have raised thousands of dollars allowing us to help over 20 families experiencing the financial burden of cancer.

Our celebration will have to be smaller this year because of COVID but at the same time it will be bigger than ever with our goal of raising $10,000!

Ryan was passionate about helping others experiencing the financial burden of cancer and this has become my mission.

Currently, families facing cancer have it harder than ever. They are fearful of contracting Covid-19, they are dealing with loneliness because of the restriction of visitors during hospital stays, they are having to go to appointments without their support person, many have lost their jobs and I’m sure there are many other extra stresses adding to their journey.

Will you help me help these families? I know this may also be a really tough time for you but there are three ways you can help and two of them cost nothing.

Here are the details:

I will be accepting donations of $25 per butterfly and the profits will go to helping families who are experiencing the burden of cancer.

In the past, I’ve focused on local families in the New Orleans area but because I know there is a great need we will be helping families around the US.

I could use your help in one or all of the following ways:


  1. Make a $25 donation* per butterfly Via Paypal: or Venmo @crystalyn-aucoin
  2. Share this post with your friends
  3. Send me a Private Message to Nominate a family who is battling cancer and having a hard time financially (my goal is to never turn a family away).

I am hesitant to set such a big goal this year with so many struggling in different ways but I know WE can do it.

This year my goal is to raise $10,000!!

I cannot do this without you all!

Thank you so much!!!! I know Ryan is Proud!

**donations are a gift and are not tax deductible

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