"Connections" Bold Paperclip Bracelet

Metal Sterling Silver
Length 7"
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Crystalyn hand-selected the “Connections” Bold Paperclip Bracelet to complement the rest of her line. The solid, interlocking links are substantial and chic, but more importantly, symbolize the strength of “connection.” Every time you wear this piece, let it serve as a reminder to cherish the bonds that make us stronger because those connections are GOLDEN.



7” chain length (approximate)

3.85mm chain width

Also available in “Dainty” size

Lobster clasp

Available in sterling silver or solid 14k gold

Handpicked by Crystalyn Aucoin


Crystalyn’s Pairing Suggestions:

Necklace - “Connections” Bold Paperclip Chain (a perfect match)

Earring - “Edge” Diamond Shaped Stud Earrings

Ring - Stackable “ID” Ring